Dead Metal was a Final Year University group project, where I was a Level Designer and 3D Artist. The project specification included making a gameplay demo for audiences to experience at an end of year show.


My tasks included producing a high quality Level Design Document with detailed maps and walkthroughs, along side building 2 levels within Unreal Development Kit, using 3D assets that I and the rest of the Art team produced.





The Trader District is a large environment, sprawling with narrow streets, dead ends, and elevated walkways.


The Miners District is the largest environment, with wide spaces, large rocks, and hidden pathways.


The Level Design Document served as a compendium for all the aspects of Dead Metals level design with detailed maps, player walkthroughs and in-depth looks at points of interest and interactive objects within the levels.


Dead Metal comprised of one large level split down into smaller sub-levels called Arenas, each with their own gameflow and implicit narrative. I worked on designing 2 of these Arenas whilst overseeing the design of the remaining 2.

A digital copy of the document can be downloaded here

Or the print copy can be read here