Hello, I am Tommy, a Designer from the mythical land of Mancunia. For the over 4 years, I have been working in the games industry. As a Level Director, I have been designing levels for the immensely popular LEGO video games. My job has taken me to tropical dinosaur-infested islands, distant planets in a galaxy far far away, and found inner peace amongst candles in snow.


I have been passionate about Video Games ever since childhood when I commandeered my father's GameBoy handheld. From then on it has been a journey through some amazing worlds and gripping tales, and my goal is to create experiences that will inspire and excite others like me.



- Sketchup Pro

- In-house Game Editor (Tt Games)

- Unreal Engine 4

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe InDesign

- Adobe Premiere

- Adobe Audition


- Level Planning, and Development

- Design Document Creation

- Presenting
- Feedback and Communication

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